We cannot emphasize this enough. Every website must be written in proper English. Phonetic, leet, shorthand, whatever. Those things won’t work. It makes you look like an idiot, and it’ll turn people away from your site as fast as they come around. Perhaps even faster. After all, would you trust the news if it was brought to you by people who appeared unable to spell words like ‘you’ correctly?

The advert itself

This leaves us at the final step, the ad you want to place on this, and probably several other boards. The ad has to be decent, because it’s the first thing people will judge you by. If your ad looks like crap, most of the people won’t bother visiting the site. Keep that in mind. Presentation is a big part of the work.

Clear info

One of the main things needed in a decent ad is clear info. People have to know what they can expect from a forum or site if you’re advertising for it. Provide several details such as the general topic, what kind of crowd you want to attract, any special features you might have etcetera. This can all help with getting the member stream going.


Once more, we return at the point of spelling. Yes, it really is that important. If you appear to lack the skill or knowledge needed to spell coherently, what can one expect from your site? Think about it yourself. What would attract you more, someone saying “omg look @ ma forum lolz itz supar kool!1”, or someone providing actual information about his site and forum, in decent English?


And last, but not least, the smilies. We’ve seen multiple people use an abundance of smilies, to either indicate their enthusiasm, the fact that they’re supposedly cool, or the fact that they just plain like the smilies. Those things might all be true for you, but you shouldn’t express yourself by using several dozens of the things. That just ticks people off, which in turn lead to less people visiting the site.