The appearance of your free phpBB forum.

As a lot of you people probably know, having a personal site can be a challenge, a lot of fun, and it can give quite a profit if it becomes popular enough. However, this isnít as easy as it sounds - not by a long shot. Making a website of your own is a lot of work, and there are several things you have to pay attention to. Weíll mention some of the points, but obviously thereís more to it than abiding those few tips to make your website popular.


A lot of people make mistakes with how the site looks. They use a heavily overused layout, they try to make one themselves but it doesnít quite work out, things like that. A few golden rules are:

The sites breaking one or more of these rules usually donít live a long life. And the life they do lead, is filled with ridicule and laughter. All in all - bad choice to break these rules.

Font / Colors

Colors used on a site are very important. If you use clashing colors, people will often close the site right away. Also, donít overuse the strong colors like bright red, purple or yellow. Another very bad thing to do is to use giant fonts, or barely readable ones. Always ask the honest opinion of multiple other people before publishing the website, both for the colors and the layout. This saves you from people whining about how the webmaster must be color-blind and things of the like.

Using font size 342, in bold italics with a red color will just annoy people. It wonít motivate them to visit your forum, nor will it draw their attention in any non-negative way. You can use bigger fonts or colors, of course, but do so in moderation. Itíll draw a bit of attention, and it wonít look like youíre desperately trying to get said attention.

Wrong colors choice:

Wrong colors choice

Good colors choice:

Good colors choice


Another thing we often see is people grabbing a few (ranging from some, to dozens, to sometimes even hundreds of) links to videos, flash games, and news articles. This just wonít work. These sites are just leeching the content of other sites, and thus trying to become great with an others achievements. This is something you have to avoid at all cost. You need original content. Write it yourself, get someone else to write it, whatever. Just make sure you have at least some things that arenít copied off another site.